Swipe to play next/add to queue

Would it be possible to implement a swipe to add to queue/play next when looking at songs? It could be a customizable feature, but having an action for swiping on a song in a list would be cool.


  • When looking at a playlist, swiping on a song to play next
  • Shuffling a playlist but swiping on a song not in the playlist
  • Creating a one time queue when looking through the library

Check [Wiki] Long press drag and drop that offer the same thing but everywhere.

That works great! However, that does not seem to work in playlist view. I can do it in the library and on albums or songs within albums, but I cannot do it for individual songs when looking at a playlist. Is there a way to add this feature to the playlist view?

Additionally, the option only has “add to queue”, and not “play next”. Would it be possible to add this as a customizable option of some sort?

Hum yes seems I forget in the playlist detail view can fix that.

For the queue next, I’m not sure this is really used a lot and adding more drop target will make that pattern harder to use. So don’t know.

No worries. Thanks for fixing that!

As for the play next, I find it useful because I’ll shuffle a playlist and then want to listen to a song that is not in that playlist next. Adding to queue would mean I wouldn’t hear it until the end of the playlist. I understand that it would clutter, so maybe having an option to have the third target be play next OR add to queue?

Yes but then you can’t queue anymore :slight_smile: Usually people needs queue most of the time and queue next on some occasions. A fixed option sounds a lot too rigid for this need. Since this is quite rare you can still easily 3 dots queue next.

That’s understandable. Having it as an option would mean that someone would accept that they can’t add to queue with this option enabled, or understanding that the targets would be smaller.

Either way, thank you for considering it!

After 10 years on Play Store, if there’s a setting users will toggle it and then complain of it’s effect :slight_smile:
Support generation is the main concern for everything added.

I know where you’re coming from. Sounds good. Thanks!

Could you also add it for search results please? It’s not working there either…

I see this already landes in the beta, which is great!

However, I noticed that right after updating the app there were only two targets, Play and Shuffle, whenever dragging an item from search results, the song list, an album, etc. Queue and Play Next were not available, even though I had “Show queue next as drop target” enabled, until I closed the app (used “Force stop”) and reopened it :slight_smile:

The queue / playnext are only visible when something is playing this have not changed.
If there’s cases it does not work open an issue with logs and details.
And don’t post on closed issues / FR as it’s forgotten you are lucky I saw this one.

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