Swipe Compact Player to Advance/Go Back in Queue

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Not really a problem, but in other music streaming apps, swiping left/right on the Compact Player will play the next/previous song in the queue. It will eliminate the need for a next/previous button on the Compact Player itself.

I found myself trying to swipe left/right on the compact player multiple times since other apps do it.

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From above, It will eliminate the need for a next/previous button on the Compact Player itself, making for a cleaner UI and keep the app in line with other major provider’s solutions.

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I primarily use Spotify (which does this very well) and I think Apple Music also does this from my limited experience.

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On Spotify, when swiping to the next/previous song, it will auto-play the next song, even if the previous song was paused. I think this is a good way to keep the flow moving, although maybe this could be an optional toggle?

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I don’t know how to encapsulate this idea in a screenshot since it’s a gesture, but here’s an annotated screenshot of Spotify’s UI.

Unfortunately this is not really compatible to be done correctly with the player of Symfonium.

Unlike Spotify you can swipe / drag the player up to expand it. Spotify does not support that so there’s no gesture conflict and risk of unwanted track change.

Understood, if this is not possible due to gesture conflicts that makes sense. Thanks for looking into this :slight_smile:

Not that it’s not possible just that it’s not that simple.

I’ll leave this opened but I doubt this will have big interest as the next button is easy to add.

The solution would be to disable the swipe up gesture and enable the other one via a setting.

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