Support plex collection as smart filter

So in the library, there is just an important missing section from Plex, the “album collection”

Plex only cares about artists / albums, for collections it’s a mess. We have to make/tag ourselves as “album collection”

Here’s some screens to show u ;


As said missing information I don’t know what it is and how to create and what it’s supposed to contains.

I do not have that in Plexamp either.

Hmm, it’s not a default one, but we kinda have to do that way if u want collections not to be a mess that the default one from Plex is.

See my Plex library, by default Plex makes so many random collections that are even wrong for the most part.

So for collections to be cleaner, i have to manually tag the one I want, from Plex (not Plexamp), edit the collection metadata and add a personel Label (compil musique for me). Then a new section is added into library, the label u just made, and that’s where my “real” collections are, to avoid the junkyard default one from Plex :slight_smile:

Sry it’s hard to explain, specially in English

It’s not that important, but just just a lil thing that could be sweet for Plex users that are still doing that way for collections;)

Still very unclear :slight_smile: I guess you mean compilation when saying collection?

Maybe a few screenshots from Plex configuration side ?


Sry man, would have been easier from the start :smile:

So Plex don’t know about compilations right, it even throws ur compilations into “various artists” so it’s hard. There is a huge post about this on Plex forums, but I’m lazy right now.

So let say right now I want my own clean compilation section right, i edit a 1rst compil I wanna add so it creates ur own compilation section into Plex library.

Here’s how it looks ;

U go into label/etiquette, then down below in the collection box u type the compilation name u want for ur future compilation u’d want to have in. U’ll have to manually add/tag ur compilations like that…

Okkkk :slight_smile: So you create a collection of selected albums that contains compilations to workaround the wrong plex compilation handling.

Was certainly not clear at first :stuck_out_tongue: Will see if I can easily get that information for use with smart filters.

You got it :rofl::sweat_smile:

It would be sweet ! Won’t cry if not doable tho, thanks :pray: