Support playlist push to Kodi provider

Feature description:

Due to lacks of tags parsing (but only for now i think) i’ve decided to move from Navidrome to Kodi as media provider (after trying also Jellyfin and Emby).
I use a central Kodi Nexus instance on my vps with the headless mods for Docker (this specific one GitHub - fhriley/kodi-headless-novnc: A headless, dockerized Kodi instance for a shared MySQL database, with the GUI accessible over HTTP (noVNC)) and i share the playlists from the central instance to my Kodi players on my computers and to Symfonium also.

The point is that i use a lot the playlists on Symfonium and i’d like to sync my playlists operations that i do on Symfonium on my central Kodi instance.

I saw that there’re some APIs for playlists but i don’t know if can cover this use case.

Thanks Tolriq anyway for support and for your good work both on Symfonium and Yatse (which i also purchased, is very handy) :slight_smile:

Problem solved:

Keep both desktop Kodi’s and Symfonium aligned.

Brought benefits:

Update easily the centralized Kodi playlists from Symfonium

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This is not possible Kodi does not have the necessary APIs as the doc says :wink: