Support playback of PCM AIFF files

Feature description:

Please add support for lossless PCM AIFF files: Audio Interchange File Format - Wikipedia

I saw this discussed elsewhere but I don’t think that user raised a feature request here: [CLOSED] [APP][5+] Symfonium: Music player and cast | XDA Forums

Problem solved:

This is a relatively common format for lossless downloads from DJ-related music sites (e.g. and some hi-def audio sites (e.g. qobuz).

Brought benefits:

Other users will have audio files from these sources. Currently using Symfonium with Navidrome backend results in an error trying to play an AIFF file. I could enable transcoding on the server, but the configuration for that is quite broad and it would cause a few other file types to be transcoded unnecessarily for me.

Other application solutions:

I used to use RockerPlayer prior to discovering Symfonium, which had support.

Navidrome has support for indexing and serving aiff files: navidrome/mime_types.go at master · navidrome/navidrome · GitHub

Thank you!

Please provide a sample file.

Thanks, sent a link to a sample AIFF file via email to support

So aif and aifc are not that simple format, I do not have the resource currently to write the ExoPlayer extractors for a quite limited use case.

I’ve added some workaround to automatically transcode those media via Navidrome even without setting a global or server side configuration.

Thank you. Automatic transcoding is a good workaround. It will make these tracks playable, and reduce mobile bandwidth compared to uncompressed PCM.

Will the automatic transcoding be configurable?

No it won’t be configurable. If the server give the bitrate then it will request flac at that bitrate to keep quality.

Sounds good. Automatic transcoding to FLAC is actually better than directly playing AIFF, given the requirements for bandwidth and local storage are lower, and the quality will be the same (lossless).

Feel free to close this request.