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Issue description: Lyrics Won’t Work If Casting?

Lyrics work fine if playing on local device. When casting, the lyrics button is not present, even when I click the album art on the now playing screen. Tapping the bottom left corner of the album art just stops the song instead of showing the lyrics screen. As soon as I stop casting, the lyrics button is available again, and works as expected.

Lyrics option also not available in the 3 dot menu when casting, but is available when playing on local device.

Issue is repeatable with many different songs with lyrics embedded in the mp3 files in the lyrics tag.

Issue is present on two different devices: Pixel 8 pro running Android 14. Galaxy Tab S6 Lite tablet running Android 12. Streaming from a Navidrome server in both cases.

Also, a related suggestion/feature request: Can you add an option to disable the controls on the album art on the now playing screen? I find myself tapping the album art to better see the lyrics or casting buttons (when the album art is dark), and then the playing stops. I also often accidentally stop the music when trying to use the seek bar, since the seek bar is so close to the album art.

Upload description: snowfiend131


When casting:

Not casting:

Additional information:

This is explained in another post, if the provider does not expose the lyrics, then the lyrics are extracted from the tags by the player. This is not possible when casting to another device as it would require double reading the file.

The good news is that OpenSubsonic iterated on this and Navidrome recently added support.
So in a future release I’ll add support for that in Symfonium too and it will work when casting from Navidrome too.