Support for Updating Playlists automatically

Hi there,

it would be really helpful, if imported playlists would be automatically updated.
Use Case:

  • Imported an existing Playlist from Emby (all fine!)
  • Update the Playlist in Emby (new tracks, delete tracks, new order, etc.)
  • Synchronize the media source in Symfonium
  • Actual behavior: Playlist in Symfonium not automatically updated, I have to delete it in Symfonium and import it again
  • Expexted behavior: Playlist is automatically updated in Symfonium (and if Playlist is selected as “in cache”, new tracks are automatically downloaded)


There’s a sync button at the top of the playlist to sync them manually already.

Automatic cache for playlist / artist and genre is on the todo already.

For the auto sync I’m not yet fully decided on all the cases I will handle or not due to the nature of Symfonium. A playlist can have data from multiple providers and should not be erased after import for example.
The big question is if I’ll allow dual sync (so editing the playlist on Symfonium that change the data on the media provider side) or not. If I don’t then I’ll introduce the concept of read only playlists and they will be auto synced. If I allow editing (including offline) then it’s becoming quite complicated to ensure data integrity and then I’ll probably keep the manual sync button solution to choose the side of sync.

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ok, understand.
Would it be so complicated to let the user decide (toggle) if its a dual sync playlist (witout automatic sync) or a read-only plalist (with automatic sync)?

Btw: Best would be (of course :stuck_out_tongue: ) the dual sync playlist with automatic update :smiley:

Another request: Now I found the update button for the playlist, really good :wink:
Would be even better, if this button would appear when I click on “playlists” and then updates ALL playlists :wink:

Implementation details will depends on what I decide so we’ll see when I get there.

For the sync all again, not possible for the moment the sync on an imported playlist that is not imported as a copy directly sync. If you import the playlist as a copy there’s a confirmation first in case you have modified the playlist locally.

Honestly due to the offline first approach and issues with dual sync in that case, I’ll probably go the read only or copy style and no local changes pushed to server to avoid tons of problems.

I’m interested in this feature too! For me, I think it’s acceptable to have the playlists sync one-way rather than trying to update the server, too. The ability for me to create and update the playlists on Plex web and then have this app automatically check and resync would be sufficient. Thanks!

I don’t believe playlists sync from subsonic/navidrome. At least the sync feature doesnt do anything.

However, when they do, one-way sync would be the best use case for me. I have a few dynamic playlists in navidrome that get automatically updated based on last played and so on.

Subsonic playlist are not yet in but you can easily create the same dynamic playlist in Symfonium. Just create a smart filter and save it as smart playlist.