Support for secondary artist in album page

Feature description:

Currently, there is a “Show additional artists” setting for the expanded now playing screen. It would be nice if such a setting also existed for the Album page, similar to the “Always show artist name in song list”.

Problem solved:

It makes browsing classical music easier. For example, in an album with multiple tracks whose title starts with “Symphony No. 1”, it would be helpful if the composer was displayed too.

Brought benefits:

It makes browsing classical music easier.

Other application solutions:

The apple music library (for local files) does this if you check the box “Show composer” under each song’s info page.

Additional description and context:

I thought the “Show secondary artist” setting used to also do this, before the huge update that reorganized all the settings. (Thanks btw!) It is very possible I’m misremembering though :slight_smile:

Screenshots / Mockup:


Can you show me a screenshot of apple music with the option?
How do they make clear what is what without looking awful.

This is before the “Display Composer” is selected

This is the screen where you can change the setting (on Apple Music, it is a per song setting, but that probably doesn’t make sense on Symfonium).

This is what it looks like after you change the setting. It first displays the composer, and then it displays the artists.

Hum that’s not something that would look so nice on a small phone :frowning:

Oh, I was thinking that a “Show composer” setting would just prepend the artist string with the composer on the Album Page.

Alternatively, here is a mobile implementation by both Idagio and Apple Classical as well if you are curious. They both display work-movement tags instead of title tags, but it should give you a bit of an idea.

Well yes but this forces to go multiline and when going multi line I can either lock the number of line for size consistency or it vary on the content, and I don’t like when it vary :stuck_out_tongue:

But I guess there’s no choice.

If you are hesitant against a multiline / variable-line solution, I think just keeping one line for both composer and artist is fine. For example, in the screenshot below, just prepending “Claudio Monteverdi” or “By Claudio Monteverdi” to each artist listing below the track title seems like a good enough solution, at least for my use case. As you can see, a lot of the artists are truncated anyways since there is something silly like two+ individuals and three ensembles for each track. And for browsing classical music, it is usually more useful seeing who the composer is than the artist. Of course, I’d be happy with a multiline approach too. I was just thinking a single-line approach might be less work for you, if you do decide to implement this :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick responses to my feature requests :slight_smile: You’ve built a great app!

The update looks amazing!! Thank you!!