Support for Nextcloud as media provider

Feature description:

Dear Dev, I just started using symfonium a couple of days ago and m fully in love with the app. I’ve already uninstalled a few music app which I think won’t make sense anymore. I’m currently using symfonium with subsonic over my nextcloud server and it works flawlessly. But I still believe, it will be of more useful if the app has an option to integrate nextcloud directly. Please share your thoughts. Thank you!

Problem solved:

Users can directly play music from thier nextcloud personal cloud instead of using subsonic.

Brought benefits:

For users who aren’t aware that nextcloud will work with symfonium via music app on their nextcloud instance will be happier and also the app can attract more users .

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It would not bring anything over the music subsonic plugin. Slower sync, no server side transcoding, …

If you want raw file access just enable WebDAV on your instance and use that but I do not recommended this.