Support for Animated Cover Art (webp)

Feature description:

As more albums get an animated cover variant (as seen natively on Tidal or from Spotify canvases) I think it’d be awesome if Symfonium could also display those like Navidrome does.

As of right now, the webp file is already being displayed but as a static image.

Having them actually animate only in large views (song playing or album opened) would of course be better to avoid visual noise when there’s a lot of small covers on screen.

Problem solved:

This does not solve an existing problem

Brought benefits:

Prettier album covers where available

Other application solutions:

Navidrome Web UI: The Navidrome interface already displays animated WebP covers since the format is natively supported by the img tag.
Example from Navidrome:

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:



Can you upload some of those to ? They are in the tag?


I’m curious. Do you store both a static version and an animated version or only the animated one? Embedded or as Cover.webp for example? And where do you source these? Personally I’d be hesitant to add them as I think many players don’t support them yet and some won’t ever (the dev of MusicBee for example said he won’t add support for them).

I uploaded the examples but I have no idea where the files went
(Including webp and the originally sourced mp4)

@655321 I store the animated variant as a separate cover.webp with a static folder.jpg alongside it and also a static variant embedded in the metadata (for the very compatibility issue you mentioned).

I personally don’t like using WebP due to filesize bloat and terrible compression but it was already supported by navidrome and it’s still better than GIF

I source these either from Tidal, which has official animated covers, or use cropped versions of Spotify canvases. Both being mp4 originally.

In fact, Tidal serves these as mp4 videos as seen on TIDAL

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I just started using this awesome app. I really think this feature would make it so much better, as it would add that extra element which no other mobile apps of this type have (besides the subscription services like Apple music, etc)