Support DLNA renderers on Cellular

Feature description:

Hi, currently you can only cast to devices when connected to a WIFI network. I use an app called BubbleUPNP on android which creates a local upnp renderer on the phone which can be used to actually make transcoding scrubbing work properly. This works well on WIFI but no DLNA renderers can be found when on 4G/5G. This doesnt make much sense given I should be able to discover this device on the local interface, additionally it would be nice if I was connected to a VPN such as tailscale and be able to discover the UPNP/DLNA renderer over the VPN whilst still on cellular. Would make symfonium a much more compatible mobile music player.

There seems no reason to have disabled this functionality, not sure if it was intentional or not but would be nice to see implemented.

Well it does work already. Search would have told you probably and logs would have been better :wink:

In any case what do you mean by bubble can transcode scrubbing?

You should never need bubble from Symfonium.

What do you mean “search would have told me”? Apologies for the lack of logs.
Reason I was using bubble was I was testing a new DLNA/UpNP server I setup on my linux desktop on my LAN by a project called gstreamer-resurrect GitHub - hzeller/gmrender-resurrect: Resource efficient UPnP/DLNA renderer, optimal for Raspberry Pi, CuBox or a general MediaServer. Fork of GMediaRenderer to add some features to make it usable..

I wanted to be able to scrub whilst connected to a renderer but it seems to break and not resume playback at the desired timestamp, similar issue to transcoding but I understand why that doesnt work. I discovered bubble and was playing with it and found I could scrub whilst connected to bubbles “audio” mode and symfonium playing out the “local renderer” which seems to be a very hacky workaround but it did work!
I wanted to take one step further and attempt to make this setup work over my tailscale VPN but for some reason I could not find any DLNA players even bubble localy when on cellular. Is this supposed to already work or is there a setting to enable discovery?
Yes this is all quite hacky, and I agree it would be nice if I could do all of this in symfonium natively but even if I wasnt using bubble, I would like to be able to find my DLNA server whilst connected to a VPN on cellular which I cant seem to do at the moment.

Again DNLA discovery when connected to 4G works for renderer on the same device.

DNLA is multicast based it does not work via 4G or VPN there’s not much you can do about it unless you know how to properly configure an upnp relay and everything.

There’s no limitation in Symfonium and a few users do use this.

If by scrub you mean seek then UPnP seeking is fully supported if the renderer correctly implement things. Transcoding seeking is also supported if the provider allows it. (So no Subsonic yet, but soon with OpenSubsonic).

So start again by opening proper issues for your actual issues?

Understandable, I couldn’t find anything on people doing this and thought it could be a bug. I’ll try a different renderer and close the ticket.

Or open a proper issue with proper logs about your actual problem so I can look if I can workaround.

I would recommend An UPnP Audio Media Renderer based on MPD if you are looking for something that is known to work well.