Support automation via intents/broadcasts from other apps such as Tasker

Allowing other apps such as Tasker to send intents to Symfonium would be a nice addition to the app.

My use case is to resume playing a specific playlist on startup, so sending the service on which the playlist is (ex : Plex) and the playlist’s name. If the service or the playlist is not available, possibly show an error message and/or showing the Home screen. In my case, the playlist is fully downloaded on my device,so it would always be available.

Depending on how the data is stored in Symfonium, we could pass each parameter in a single Uri or send all parts as extras (see the Sending Intents part of the Tasker documentation : Tasker: Intents and the official Android documentation : Intent  |  Android Developers)

Many more actions could be supported than my example above if possible, such as playing a playlist from the start, playing an album, playing a specific song, activating shuffle mode, etc.).

Once something is playing, Media button actions in Tasker are usually used, so supporting pausing, stopping, playing the next/previous song via the intent is not a necessity in my case, but could be added for more complete support.