Suggestions on search function

I noticed that when searching in APP, SQL search is only used locally. I hope to request the server’s search API, such as “rest/search3”, while searching locally. In this way, I can update my music library according to the server’s search log.

Sorry this is not really related to any functions inside the app, there’s no need to query the server as the app have all the data, this would just slow down the app and won’t work offline.

Is there room for further discussion?This is not a completely unreasonable requirement. APP ‘substreamer’ of the same type will query the server when searching. I noticed that symfonium has a setting named ‘disable library auto sync’. Does this mean that symfonium will automatically synchronize sometimes?During manual synchronization, ‘search3’ will be requested, and the keyword queried is an empty string. (query=‘’),The search3 api is used for synchronization and query,Perhaps it is appropriate to synchronize once during query. When the mobile phone has no local resources but the server has resources, it is quite appropriate to query the server. If you are worried about the running speed being slow, you can query the server or other optimization strategies only when no results are returned locally. As a digression, is it possible that all the music we listen to is prepared in advance?No new music you want to listen to?How do you cope with the demand for new music?Especially when the service object is a person who does not know the self built server well. So my idea is that when a person searches for the music he wants to listen to, if there is no resource in the server, it will also be recorded in the search3 log. I can regularly retrieve the log and add the music they need. You can even automate this step. This is my idea.

Symfonium is offline first / multi provider app, you can search without network and it will work. Symfonium never use the server to search or to do anything and will never do that.

Why would I want to send search query to 3 different server to get some data that the app already have and can return instantly? Your need is ultra specific and does not fit at all this application sorry.