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Feature requests

When searching Simplified Chinese, you can search the corresponding Traditional Chinese at the same time, and return the contents of Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

邮(Simplified Chinese) = 郵(Traditional Chinese)
seacrh(邮) = seacrh(邮)+seacrh(郵)
seacrh(郵) = seacrh(邮)+seacrh(郵)

Sorry no idea how to do that and can’t find anything from a quick search.

Do you have some technical information link about how that conversion can be done?

See if this will help you
link: houbb/opencc4j: :cn:Open Chinese Convert is an opensource project for conversion between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.(java 中文繁简体转换) (

Thanks, so this require very large dictionaries :frowning:

I’ll keep this in mind if I can find a way to have those dynamically loaded but I can’t add such large library by default as Chinese users can’t even purchase the application for now due to Google not supporting it there.

Thanks, Looking forward to that day, I will continue to look for it.