Subwoofer DSP from Viper4Android

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To my understanding the DSP driver in Symfonium is very similar (exactly the same?) to the Wavelet driver. As far as I am aware, the core of these DSP emerged from the Viper4Android hack that required a rooted phone. The V4A DSP had other options, which I am really missing, e.g. Subwoofer Bass Mode setting next to Natural Bass, etc… Not sure whether other elements from the V4A DSP can be implemented into Symfonium… but if yes, please do so.

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V4A: GitHub - programminghoch10/ViPER4AndroidRepackaged: A refined ViPER4Android installer.

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Richer music experience with options to influence the audio output by the user.

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Sorry but the engine is the Android one not a fork of viper.

You can probably achieve most of your needs by enabling expert mode.

Hm, that’s a pity. I was never able to replicate the V4A’s subwoofer effect by any EQ, including Peace and Equalizer PRO on a PC, whatever the algorithm it makes wonders