Subsonic vs plex server?

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Love the app. Thanks for building it! Purchased as soon as I discovered it, and it’s already replaced dsub, which I’ve been using for years.

This isn’t a direct support issue or feature request. Just want to know which server offers the best support? I run both plex and subsonic.

My primary goals are: battery life, ease of use, reliability.

Thanks again!

I noticed a while back that Symfonium has problems with Plex when connected to a relay and not directly. And I’m not sure if he fixed that yet. So if your plex remote access drops occasionally I’d probably go for subsonic for reliability

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They all works the same from Symfonium point of view.

Plex offer advanced features that allows you to automatically update your IP when your server IP changes for example while still ensuring proper SSL support.

So unlike what Jaxz says Plex is usually more reliable.

(And using that function of Plex is 100% optional)

What matters between providers is the metadata they support and the speed of sync.

If you care about moods, styles Plex have them not subsonic. Depending on the subsonic server if you need to use compatibility mode then it’s slower then Plex.

But to resume it’s just a matter of choice.

Thanks for the replies everyone. All very helpful.
Agreed about the convenience of zero config connectivity for plex. I have a private domain already, so connection is already taken care of in my case (I would assume most people running subsonic might be in similar circumstances).

This is where I’m digging a bit into the more tedious details. Might it be fair to assume that because subsonic is slower (keeps connections open longer, requires more connections, consumes more data), it consumes more battery life on the client side?

You’ve done a great job of keeping the “under the hood” process transparent to the user. I’m spoiled for choice with server options, so I’m at the stage where I’d like to optimize as much as possible.

If I have time, I’ll see if I can try some experiments to record any performance differences

Subsonic can be 12 different servers with all different speed :slight_smile:

Navidrome is faster than Plex actually as less data to manage and ultra basic transcoding API. So overall less data transmitted. But official subsonic or airsonic are slower as do not implement some API endpoint as necessary.

All depends on your library size and everything but the difference on battery are meaningless. Speed and metadata quality are the main diffferentiator.

Subsonic and Plex both do not support multiple artists per tracks / albums unlike Kodi/Emby/Jellyfin for example.