Subsonic: Support for HTTP BasicAuth

Feature description:

When connecting to a Subsonic server, it would be great if Symfonium would support authentication via HTTP BasicAuth mechanism.

Problem solved:

My specific situation is that I am using AirsonicAdvanced (kagemomiji fork) behind a reverse proxy (Traefik). Traefik is using Authelia as a single-sign-on middleware that uses HTTP BasicAuth. This setup is working fine using DSub, but it is not working with Symfonium.
Trying to configure the server in Symfonium results in an authentication error.

Brought benefits:

Supporting HTTP BasicAuth would in my opinion generally improve the compatibility with different network setups the users might have. Specifically, different reverse proxy and/or single-sign-on or authentication services. This could also improve security.

Other application solutions:

DSub can do this and is working fine. But what I have seen, Symfonium is just a lot more sexy, and I would love to switch over <3