Subsonic source, Navidrome music files only show under files folder


My music won’t show up in any menu, artists, songs, albums, etc. It will only show up under Files.

How can I fix this?

Thank you


debug.log (255.5 KB)

IF only there was a template to fill with logs and everything so someone could help.

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If only. Sorry about that. I have added my logs. I perused them but I didn’t see anything obvious.

The logs does not contains enough information. The sync is just started. Please provide logs up to the end of the sync (no spinning in the bottomsheet or no glowing of the filter icon)

OK. I deleted the old log and started with a fresh sync to generate a new log. The sync process only takes about 15-20 seconds for me. Under the source filter the spinning sync button will stop spinning. Please see these new logsdebug-20230308_070058 (1).zip (3.1 MB)

2023-03-08 06:59:07.013 Verbose/Subsonic: Insert Song: Ambitious Outsiders
2023-03-08 06:59:07.013 Error/SubsonicLogger: Error
n3.c: Expected an int but was 4294967295 at path $[177].track

So the song after Ambitious Outsiders returns an absurd value for the track number causing the issue.

@deluan Api says int for track so max is 2147483647 do you think you can ensure integrity and prevent such value to be returned?

I’ll add a workaround on Symfonium as a security too. But you should try to find the song and 1) report to Navidrome so they figure out how that value is inserted in their db 2) try to fix the tags to avoid that until one of us workaround this.

Thank you!

Seems like a Navidrome issue. When I went to fix the tags for this album there were two track 10s, but no high integer in place for any of the tracks. I fixed the tags and am running a full scan against my music share again.

Do you anticipate that once this is fixed the scan process should complete successfully, and my music will be properly categorized within the Symfonium app?

The bad song is:

          "id": "ac09c14c899c3d6154fa137facb51da1",
          "parent": "0cf9e5479b97d31257f4b2db7c0871f7",
          "isDir": false,
          "title": "Ambivalent",
          "album": "Enemies Of Reality",
          "artist": "Nevermore",
          "track": 4294967295,
          "year": 2005,
          "genre": "Thrash Metal",
          "coverArt": "al-0cf9e5479b97d31257f4b2db7c0871f7_0",
          "size": 6045696,
          "contentType": "audio/mpeg",
          "suffix": "mp3",
          "duration": 251,
          "bitRate": 192,
          "path": "/music/Nevermore/Enemies Of Reality/Nevermore - Ambivalent.mp3",
          "created": "2023-02-26T13:56:55.001849176Z",
          "albumId": "0cf9e5479b97d31257f4b2db7c0871f7",
          "artistId": "884b2f7beb3c4962038cd7b7bbb9cce9",
          "type": "music",
          "isVideo": false

And yes if Navidrome returns valid data the sync will complete. Else you’ll have to wait for next Symfonium release that will have a workaround for those invalid data.

This is now fixed. Thank you V much.

Hey @cschneer , do you still have a copy of the file before fixing the tags? If yes, can you send it to me? Looks like this was caused by a bug in TagLib, and I’d like to confirm that.