[Subsonic] Skipping track scrobbles as play count

Hi! Thanks for the wonderful app.

Issue description:

My issue is related to play count & scrobbling mechanism with Subsonic API backend.

The app scrobbles a track as expected when track is played until the end (through the /rest/scrobble endpoint with submission=true). However, this also happens when skipping a track, either by hitting the ‘Next’ button or choosing a different track.

With my backend server (Navidrome), this counts as a ‘Play Count’. This is not only unexpected, but also doesn’t match Symfonium’s own play count tracking behavior.

My request: Can this behavior be changed such that a scrobble with submission=true doesn’t happen when a track is skipped? Or at least an option to customize it?

Reproduction steps

  1. Connect app to Subsonic media provider
  2. Play a track from the server
  3. Play another track while the first is in progress
  4. Observe the app calling /rest/scrobble?submission=true endpoint



debug-20220921_224204.zip (80.5 KB)


N/A. I can grab some if needed.

Additional information:

Symfonium 1.9.0 (694)
Navidrome 0.47.5 via Subsonic API

This is due to how limited the scrobbling API is :frowning: There’s no way to send a playback stopped information without the submit.

Anyway I guess proper Playcount is more important than temporary ghosts sessions visible in the dashboard.

Will change behavior for next release.

Thanks! Will look forward to it.