Subsonic Server Constantly Syncing in Backgroudn

Issue description:

When I click “Sync” on my Subsonic server source, whenever I look at the filters or in Settings it appears the app is constantly syncing with the server (the circle is always spinning). It ran for over 8 hours like that even though the actual syncing seems to have been accomplished in minutes and the log file stopped growing in size.


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Additional information:

Symfonium: 4.2.0a-922 Android: 13 - 33 [arm64-v8a]
Device: google - Pixel 7 [panther - panther]

Created from this reddit thread: Reddit - Dive into anything

You have enabled the option to fetch additional metadata, and your navidrome instance time out on each calls to get them. So at 10 seconds for the timeout for each album and artist this can effectively takes ages :frowning: And since timeout is a network error Symfonium does not consider this a lack of data but a temporary failure so will retry again at the next sync.

Can you provide the navidrome side logs to see. Does your navidrome server have internet access to gather the data?


2023-03-14 03:44:40.756 Verbose/SubsonicLogger: --> [669] GET http://xxx:4533/rest/getAlbumInfo2.view?id=782726629dcc45eba74efd4dbfb2364f&count=0
2023-03-14 03:44:50.788 Verbose/SubsonicLogger: <-- [669] HTTP FAILED: timeout

Seems the getAlbumInfo2 timeouts at 10 seconds, what are the Navidrome side timeout for fetching metadata on those calls?

It is 10 seconds as well to get info from

Ok thanks so will need Navidrome logs to know why it timesout.

@goldenpanda22 Can we expect the Navidrome logs or should I close the issue?

I’m sorry, what logs are you needing? Just my most recent sync logs?

The Navidrome logs during sync to see why everything timeout.

Logs were sent via email. Please let me know if they don’t work for you.

NAVIDROME :slight_smile:

As all the previous discussion explains your issue is that Navidrome do not return the data.

While this is not a Symfonium issue I can check the logs with deluan to see the cause.

As said also you can uncheck the option fetch additional metadata on the host settings to workaround this.
But logs could help fix an issue on Navidrome too.

Yes. Navidrome. I’m a moron, sorry about that!! :smiley: I just kept inserting “gotcha, Symfonium, yep” in my head for some reason…

I’m not quite sure how to get the Navidrome logs, but honestly the syncing has been finally stopping after a while now so I think maybe it’s been fixed through whatever tinkering I’ve been doing?

Well if the data is still not on Navidrome then future sync on new media will do that again.

You can enable Navidrome Configuration Options | Navidrome debug level logs.

But I don’t thinks there’s a page dedicated about logs @deluan ?

Logs :slight_smile: