Subsonic albums disappeared, only see offline/cached

Issue description:


All my music disappeared from Symfonium. I have a local Navidrome server with subsonic protocol in my local network.i can’t see my music while in the same local network, and I saw in the logs symfonium was able to reach to the server. I tried synching the source many times, but nothin happens. Also, I tried restarting the app with no success.

The only music available is the one that I had for offline playing.


Upload description: Subsonic symfonium logs

Additional information:

I use a VPN (WG) to reach my local network while I’m on data. I disabled my VPN as well and I get the same results.

Reproduction steps:

I don’t know, music just disappeared.

Media provider:




You just have enabled one of the filter that does that.

Uncheck the filter and all will be visible.

Thanks. I have no idea how I activated the filter.