Submission scrobble not happening reliably at end of track playback

Issue description:

First of all, I’m really glad I found this app - it has a lot of useful features and it is really easy to use, thank you for developing it.

I’m seeing an issue with the final scrobble posted by Symfonium when track playback finishes.
When I start playing a track, I see from the Navidrome server logs that Symfonium posts regular “Now Playing” (i.e. submission=false) scrobbles roughly every 30 seconds.

When the track playback completes, Symfonium always sends a final scrobble but often it has submission=false for particular tracks. As a result, this does not update the server playcount or last played date in Navidrome. This is important to me as I use it to build playlists of music I’ve not listened to.

For the same track, sometimes the final scrobble does have submission=true and this correctly updates play count/last played in Navidrome.

I’m using Symfonium 1.11.0 with Navidrome Server 0.48.0.


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2 examples with same media track and same Symfonium settings:

Successful example (scrobble sent at end with submission=true): (10.3 KB)

Unsuccessful example (scrobble did not update play counts): (10.4 KB)



Additional information:

Thanks for detailed report.

Seems there’s a small race and sometimes the app think you are just pausing the media and only set the resume point. Will be fixed for next release.

Thanks very much for the quick response!

Sounds good. If I can help test the fix in any way, please let me know.