Stuttery / lagging UI

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Hi, last night I had a terribly notable stuttering/laggy time when using the app.
Symfonium was the only app lagging - in the attached video, I scroll through Blackplayer to give a point of comparison with a list of the same size.

I had reset the image cache earlier that day, and subsequently (tediously) scrolled through all my lists, to see if populating the images would sort the problem. It didn’t seem to help.
I tried rebooting/restarting the app of course.

I can’t tell if it was my imagination, but doing a rescan seemed to help a bit, but not solve the problem. However, it is fine this morning somehow.

I have attached a video and I uploaded logs last night. I don’t remember exactly what they’re named, but it’s something along the lines of UIstutter.

So yeah, I was hoping you might be able to figure out what was going on. Cheers


Upload description: UIstutter

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Local device



Everything is fast in the log so no idea what happened.

anything I can do to give you more info if it happens again? logcat?

yes or a full android bug report.