Stuck on no license found on startup

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I use a Carlinkit Android device in my car. It tricks my car into thinking an Apple CarPlay device is connected, but it’s actually a full Android OS that shows up on my car screen, like a phone with Google Play Store, etc. No limitations such as keyboard restrictions. It’s a full Android OS.

The problem is, Symfonium starts up so quickly that sometimes the mobile data connection isn’t ready yet. When this happens, Symfonium shows an error saying no license could be found. This wouldn’t be annoying if it disappeared once the mobile data connects, but it doesn’t. I have to manually force close the app and open it again for it to work. This is a bit tedious to do every time on a car screen. Could you check for a connection every 2 or 3 seconds, or when one becomes available? It used to work fine, but this started happening after a few updates ago and has become a bit tedious.

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Upload description: Clicked share logs with support in the app shared under username Meap

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Start the app with no internet connection, then start the internet connection afterwards. Symfonium will fail to re-check for a license and stay on the screen telling you no license was found until you force close and restart the app.

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Logs are not required for this issue, as no errors are thrown.

So despite all the messages that says that they are, and checking the box saying you have uploaded some you decided that they are not required ?

There is already retries and multiple for a long period and many things done to prevent this, so please upload the asked logs when it happens ?

I clicked share logs with support in the app under username Meap. Please let me know if you need anything else.

I need you to provide actual logs reproducing the issue with the last version of the app, not old logs from 2023 :slight_smile: