Still download from internet when I play Downloaded/Cached songs

Issue description:

I cached some songs on my disk.
They can be played offline, but it still download from internet if my app is online.

I tried my plex and emby, both of them have this problem


debug.log (79.6 KB)

Not at all, in that log the media is 100% played from playback cache.

I checked log. In log, it is.
but in my network traffic statistics, it consumed my traffic :frowning:
Really wired…

This is not possible every access to the server is logged.

Please show what makes you think that it’s the case.

For the record if the server is online Symfonium still communicate a little with the server to report the playback state.

Edit: And for the record in some cases the files are served internally in the app via a webserver so there can be communication over loopback but this is not network traffic.

I will try to capture the pcap.