Status stalled at "Updating statistics, …" after syncing a source

Issue description:

Whenever I sync an airsonic source (navidrome, airsonic-advanced or gonic), the status always get blocked at “Updating statistics, offline status, …” when the syncing is done.
I have to exit and relaunch Symfonium afterwards, but my local info aren’t updated (most played tracks/albums, recently played albums/tracks etc).


Upload description: ash - stalled at sync

Additional information:

I have 3 different server sources, 2 of them (navidrome & airsonic-advanced) being on the same domain name, the navidrome one just has an extra /navidrome at the base url.

Reproduction steps:



Media provider:





If you force kill then it can never recover so maybe stop doing that ? :slight_smile:

Go to Advanced then press Cleanup Internal state and wait like 30 minutes for the DB to recover from all the kills.

Yeah I wish I didn’t have to. Otherwise it gets stuck forever, and when I say forever, it will stay in this state for hours (and this consumes a lot of battery…). Also for some reason, while the sync is in this status, I can’t pick a track to play, I can only toggle play/pause.

It seems it refreshes my shares OK and end this step fine after cleaning up the internal state. However, it’s back after a single scan, and I’ve to re-clean it every time.

Them somehow your data make sqlite break on some queries.

Are your server available to create me a test account so I can try to reproduce ?