Start playing current album from the "now playing" screen on Android Auto

Feature description

On the “now playing” screen of Android Auto, it will be nice to be able to click on the current cover art to start the playback of the given album.

Problem solved

I see two use cases for this feature:

  • while you are playing a playlist with random songs and you encounter a song that makes you want to listen to the whole album it belongs to.
  • when using Google Assistant, it is tough (quite impossible) to start the playback of an album of your choice. With this feature, one can request a song of the album and access the album playback in a quick and simple way. It may also be useful when you ask for a song that Google Assistant does not recognize, you may try another song from the same album…

Brought benefits:

This feature may avoid many clicks while you are driving without changing the current UI of the screen.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Clicking on the album cover can just start the playback or maybe bring an overlay screen that allows to choose between: “Play Whole Album”, “Play Album in Random” or “Cancel” (I think I’ve already seen screens like this on Symfonium in Android Auto, but cannot remember now).

Alternatively, the same feature for the Artist text in the same “Now Playing” screen that will let you play all songs of the current artist will be nice too (may be already implemented, though about it while writing this request).

Thank you again for this great software that I use happily on a daily basis.

This is not possible, apps have 0 control over Android Auto display or clicks.

All I can do is expose 5 actions with 3 being the previous / play/pause / next. And the 2 others being favorite and shuffle.

I doubt Google will add anything more in AA due to regulations in many countries.

Thank you for your quick response. I will do without it… It still great to access all my music in the car.
Have a nice day.