Split Albums not working for Album Artist and/or Year

Issue description:

I have a couple of files located in two different folders, both files have the same Album, Album Artist and Year.

Having the Split Albums feature of the Local Device setup to Album Artist and/or Year, I still see two Albums with the same name, one containing one of the songs, and the other one containing the second song.

What I was expecting to see is only one Album containing both songs.

What I tried is:

  • Setup the local device for the first time, let the sync run, change the Split Albums setting and then do another sync, and I still see two albums.
  • Also tried backing up my settings, delete all media providers, restore them from a backup file, let the sync run, and I still see two albums.


Attaching zip that contains both songs files within the same folder structure I have; it also includes the debug file and some screenshots.


Screenshots of the Split Albums config and the duplicate albums
Music.zip (15.7 MB)

Additional information:

Version: 6.1.0B1

Thanks for the repro.

You also have different genres in the songs (Can’t imagine how long it took to tag your library like that …) and those where wrongly taken in account in the artist differentiation.

Will be fixed in next release.

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I have many years managing my music collection using various windows apps, but I ended up creating my own.

And I’ve been searching for an Adroid app which could respect and make use of all this metadata (well not all of it, but most), I guess I finally found it here :slight_smile:

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