Source Filter Indicator

I sometimes forget that I have a source filter activated. Could we add a little funnel symbol to the top bar when a source filter is active? Maybe even have a funnel icon replace the Source Filter icon when a filter is active?

The icons change colors when there’s a filter.

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Now that I know to look for it I do see a subtle color change. Being red/green color blind means that shape changes are much more noticable to me but I may just have to learn to live with it.

I wanted it to be subtle for the people who always have a filter as switching between 2 providers.

But I admit that this is not very accessible. I’ll see what I can improve without being too eye catchy.


It goes the colour specified in the theme, so you can try changing the theme to see if that helps with your particular colour perception.

I guess filling in / shading the filter icon when it’s active would make some sense?

Thank you. Switching to the “Symfonik” accent helps make it more visible. Unfortunately the problem is also psychological. I tend to not see color changes as “important” information.