Sortmode feature for internet radios panel

Feature description:

A sortmode feature where you can reorder the stations at any time by moving each one up or down individually.

Problem solved:

I have over 200 radio stations that I go between. I switched to Symfonium from an old custom url app specifically because it works perfectly with the media widgets I now use. However, I order my list of stations by genre. If I want to add a station later I can’t just insert it where it needs to go on the list. My old app has a sortmode feature and would love to see it here if possible.

Brought benefits:

I think anyone with a large amount of stations or anyone that wants to customize their list in a specific way would appreciate this feature.

Other application solutions:

the app CustomRadioPlayer has this and it works great.

Additional description and context:

I have included screenshots of the CustomRadioPlayer feature. You can move each station up or down by holding and moving the hamburger on the left side of each station entry.

Screenshots / Mockup:



This would not be compatible with all the sorts modes.

Why don’t you just use the tags to quickly filter out the radio by genres? It’s way more efficient than trying to remember more or less where the radio is in the list.