Sorting media from server side on fresh installs

When adding a fresh server (Jellyfin) to Symfonium and having selected sort by “date added” in Songs/Playlists/Albums etc they should sort songs from when they were added to the server the files are on and how they are ordered from the server side (Jellyfin). This way songs are in the order they appear from the added server and not mixed up and have to hunt for recently added songs.

I think I’m about to give up and just put a form that people can’t bypass …

And your request is an issue, I need logs during sync to see what your server returns as it’s what is used for the sort.

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Removed the logs ba ba

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Symfonium use the DateCreated returned by your server for example “DateCreated”: “2023-12-16T06:58:00.0172191Z”,

Please complete the issue on the forum with details about exactly what is badly sorted where with all the details so I can see with what your server returns.