Sorting by year in playlists

Feature description:

I would love to be able to sort songs by year in regular playlist.

Problem solved:

I am aware that it already is possible with smart playlists. So currently to sort a regular playlist by year you have to create a smart playlist referring to the regular playlist, creating two playlists.

Brought benefits:

Being able to sort songs by year.

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As a reminder the sort content for playlist is a one shot operation, it sort the content when you press it, any additions goes to the end.

So even if it’s 2 playlists, for the moment smart playlists may still be a better choice.

Yes I am aware, but that’s fine by me.
Another workaround would be to be able to hide playlists. So I can hide the source playlists and keep the smart one. Is that something that might be possible? If so, I’ll open a feature request

You can add tags to your playlists and hide the tag named hidden :slight_smile:

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Found another workaround.
I favourited all smart playlist that link to source playlist without favouriting (is that a word?) the source ones and then just filtered ‘only show favourites’.
Thank you for your help, it’s such an amazing music player. Just a shame I came across it only recently.

Well do not forget to spread the word and leave a rating :slight_smile: