Sorting albums by release date in a smart playlist

Issue description:

Sorting albums by release date in a smart playlist doesn’t seem to work, and instead results in a same random order whenever sorted ASC or DESC (and hence they are probably considered equal)

In other parts of app it seems to work, for example while in all albums, searching for a word “dancehall” ordering them by release date results in an expected order

I found an issue that can be probably relevant here, but it’s marked as fixed around a year ago - Sorting albums by release date does not work


Upload description: Roukanken

Additional information:

Attached logs, roughly, contain these actions:

  1. Opening a smart playlist, and changing sorting options a bit (a “Year” works, but “Release date” doesn’t)
  2. From it opening a random selection of albums to look at release dates listed - there are from years 2011-2019. For example, Haunted Dancehall is the earliest release of these, yet it’s in the middle of the list
  3. Opening All albums, searching for “dancehall” and sorting by release date - this works fine.

I’m providing a few helper screenshots - definition of playlist, ordering chosen by smart playlist, and the correct ordering that’s on all albums page

Edit: note that all of these albums have release date specified as All albums page confirms (well it singles out one at the start that is missing the date, then the next album is from 1996, but this missing one is not included in the playlist)

Reproduction steps:

Try to sort a smart playlist by Release date.

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