Sortable "Appears On" section, and option to display respective Album Artists

Feature description:

  1. Hi, I would like the ‘Appears On’ Section of an artist’s page to be sortable. In my case, I would like it to be sortable by Release Date in ascending order, to match the rest of the albums being displayed on the page. As of now, I see it as sorted by Year in descending order (correct me if I’ve missed a setting!).

  2. I also would love if there was an option to display the Album Artist under the album in this section. I have a lot of remixes appear in this section, and they would be easier to quickly identify if I could see the Album Artist.
    Personally, I would prefer for this to be in addition to displaying the year, if this is possible.


Problem solved:

  1. Allows more customizability, and uniformity with other settings/navigation methods of discography on the Artist page.

  2. Allows easier navigation and identification of albums.

Brought benefits:

See above.

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The appears on section use the same order as the albums on the artist page and is configurable.

I won’t add an option for the album artist on that list as it’s a niche need and breaks consistency.

Oh, strange! I see that it changes to match the order of the Albums if I cycle through the options a few times. I wonder why it didn’t before. Thanks

Edit: Actually, I’m wong here - it still is in the wrong order. When sorting the Albums by Release Date (Ascending), the ‘Appears On’ section is still sorted descending. It works correctly if sorted by Year or Original Release Date, from what I can tell.

I have submitted a video to demonstrate

Ok so yes that specific one is missing for that specific part.

Next time issue with logs is faster :wink:

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