Sort tracks in the folder section

Feature description:

It consists of being able to sort tracks through the folders menu.

Problem solved:

I have noticed that in the albums section it allows to sort by most recent tracks to least, but in the folder section, the option doesn’t even appear. It would be great if it could be implemented.

Brought benefits:

Organize the tracks in the folder section.

Other application solutions:

I have managed to partially solve it with smart playlists.

Additional description and context:

No objection.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Folder view:

Thank you very much!

Please properly fill the template.


I have seen that you integrated the ordering in the folders, thank you very much!

But I would like to be able to sort the folders by "date added "

Thank you very much for having the consideration of the users to improve the application!

Android does not return those, I’ve added the only date I have. (The same that will be used inside the app as date added)