Sort playlist alphabetically

Feature description:

As the title explains, it would be nice to sort non-smart playlists alphabetically (or by artist, album, etc). I Think this would be a fairly simple feature, but powerful to many.

Problem solved:

Right now there is no way to automatically sort non-smart playlists. This is a problem for us who like to keep server playlists synced and organized. Also, making a smart playlist with songs from a non-smart playlist and sorting alphabetically would not be a solution, as I can not syncronize the smart playlist with the original playlist from the server.

Brought benefits:

Keep playlists more organized while being able to sync across devices.

Other application solutions:

Additional description and context:

Screenshots / Mockup:

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This is a duplicate, but the main issue here is that any sort would be destructive while normal playlists are meant to be manually sorted in the order that you want that is often not alphabetical nor specific.

Sorting + manual drag and drop are not complementary and causes UI issues.

Indeed some playlists are intended to have a custom order, but many others would be more organized if they were sorted alphabetically/by album/etc. Maybe an approach would be to have a button to re-order the playlist just when pressed, and later one can move songs in a custom order. This way this would not mess up the UI by always keeping the playlist in a certain order, but it would order it just when it is pressed (something similar to the remove duplicates button)

Yes that was my initial idea when discussed previously but currently I do not have solution to handle the oups case and user wanting to revert.

I’ll think again about possible solutions.

Cool! If I think of any way to handle it I will also let you know :slight_smile: