Sort based on last modified on host laptop/mac

Feature description:

On Mac and other devices there is sorting of files based on last modified. Need this sorting for files as well in the app. Use case is to have newly added files on top of the playlists. This is supported on the iOS app I use called evermusiz / flacbox and is super useful

Problem solved:

New files on top of the list

Brought benefits:

Enjoy new tracks more

Other application solutions:

Flacbox. U can’t go wrong implementing a lot of feature they have.

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


This is the sort by date added that works for most providers.

Since you do not say what provider it’s hard to tell more.

Smb. I only see sort by date added and not modified

In evermusic there is sort by file creation and last modified

This is date added and it’s already there.

Why do you want modified since you ask for last added sort, modified sort means that any file you change tag will be show as new this is usually not what you want.

I think what I want sort on is based on last modified on the nas or mac… not on the app… if that makes sense

You said your need and use case was to have the last added media sorted first in playlists.

This is the date added data that is needed for that.

Modified date, does not represent date of addition but any TAG change would change the date and would put those files at the top.

So please try to properly explain your need and why date added that is here to fit your need does not actually fit it.

ok so this is the folder named English on my nas. i added the song mightnight city the last in this folder. the date I added this file was May 5 and you can see that in the column date modified on mac. I created a smart playlist that references this folder called English. how can I see the same order (sorted on my mac by the date modified)? is there a way?

What does Date added and Date created shows on your MAC?

What does they show when accessed by SMB.

Modified is not Added.

added columns date created and date added. am accessing this share via smb right now from my mac

So sort by date added that fallback to date created since as you can see it have the value you want.

This is my playlist… path the folder named English which you see in above screenshots and sorting per date added and yet you see that its not the same order as in the original folder

Then provide logs during a full sync and verify what date added is show on the songs when pressing 3 dots then details.

omg… my apologies but maybe a bug too… the sorting up or down arrow was causing this. i had the arrow pointing down which means descending order but that was causing the confusion. when I flipped that to point up the order is working fine now. sorry for that. Also i still cant get webdav working. is there a way we can debug that? here on another thread

Now down means older to more recent the up if the arrow is the last.

And for webdav as said open a proper issue with proper logs.

thanks again for the help.