Sort Albums by name when selected sort criteria (Release Date) is equal

Feature description:

Hello, I’m not sure if this is a bug or how it is intended to work, but when Albums are selected to be sorted by Release Date (ascending) they should then be sorted by Name if the Release date is equal.

For example, In Rainbows and In Rainbows Disk 2 both came out in 2007, and logically Disk 2 should be displayed after the main album, but it is not. They are both tagged just with a year. (Albums in relevant screenshot are sorted by Release Date, Ascending).

Another example, even if you are using exact release dates for every album - Analord 03 and Analord 04 by Aphex Twin both came out on the same day, and Analord 04 should be displayed after Analord 03, but it is not. They are tagged with an exact date.

I am now seeing that when you sort by Year (ascending) rather than Release Date (ascending), they are sorted secondarily by Name as expected. This is demonstrated in the screenshots with Analord in.

This leads me to think this is a bug, or at least unintentional. I’ve posted it here rather than in Support as this doesn’t seem like an issue that requires a log. Apologies if you’d rather it was there.

Problem solved:

Albums would be sorted logically for the case of multi-volume releases that were released simultaneously.

Brought benefits:

See above.

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