Songs won't play after latest Symfonium update (Jellyfin)

Issue description:

I’ve been using the app for 1-2 months.

After the latest update, all of the files are still showing in the app, but only the offline/cached tracks are still playable. Once I was able to successful ‘force’ streaming files to play via a resync of Jellyfin, but that lasted about an hour.

Logs have been loaded separately


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Additional information:

I have Google Play Store disabled. I don’t think it’ll cause a conflict in this instance but mentioning it just in case.

Reproduction steps:

Try to play song.
Play button shows ‘loading’ spin
Nothing happens and eventually it stops attempts to play

Media provider:




Request Error: 500 [Error processing request.]

Your server returns errors, can you provide Jellyfin logs ?

The output is too large for a pastebin and the forum doesn’t allow .txt or .log files.

I saved it as a .json file but it’s basic txt btw
file has been removed

I did run docker pull for my jellyfin container to ensure I had the most up-to-date jellyfin info running, but the same issue occurred where I had trouble streaming files after a few attempts, so the error should be repeated towards the very end of the logs FYI for the uploads next time :slight_smile:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Does those songs play on other apps / web interface?

Have you forced a sync in Symfonium in case the ids changed on Jellyfin ?

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If force sync entails refreshing the Jellyfin connection under Manage Media Providers, I’ve done that a few times already.

But I think I figured it out:

  1. I tried various different songs and none of them play, but in retrospect, they were all part of the same playlist that happened to be in queue
  2. When I try songs from other playlists, they play successfully
  3. Re: the songs from the queue that aren’t working, if I use the search function and play from there instead of the playlist, they play successfully

So, my (un)educated guess is that the playlist is using metadata that is outdated because the filename was edited, the location was moved or some pivotal aspect of the metadata isn’t being seen anymore. I haven’t touched that for weeks, but that’s the only theory I can think of that applies outside of potentially the excessive folder depth leading to issues (the folder w/ the files is 4-5 levels deep vs everything else being 3 or less).

My solution will be to delete the playlist and recreate it using the results that appear in Search. Thanks for the prompt response and assistance w/ the troubleshooting!

Hum this is strange the playlist is resolved when started so should have the proper ids.

Do you still have the playlist? Can you explain more precisely how you start the media?

It is launched fro the Playlist tab. IIRC, it was created via the copying songs from the recently added list when I uploaded the files at the time.

The playlist was available, but just now, when I hit replace w/ provider version, all of the files were removed from the playlist other than those that were offline-cached. Perhaps I pushed the local version to jellyfin initially and so changes to the server were not trickling down to the playlist

Hum thanks, still strange as I don’t see why the IDs would have changed but I guess this is another story.