Song three dot menu animation stutters

Issue description:

The song three dot menu open animation pauses halfway through. This causes menu misclicks.



Additional information:

The logs does not correspond to the video not the action at all.

I took them separately while performing the same action. Want me to get fresh logs?

Arf no OK I assumed you talked about songs as song in all the app but you are in a playlist view.

Those are different, your phone is incredibly slow on the query.

SELECT songs._id,songs.updated_at,songs.provider_id,songs.external_id,songs.external_data,songs.album_id,songs.date_added,songs.disc,songs.display_artist,songs.duration,songs.fanart,songs.file,songs.genres,songs.last_played,songs.lyrics,songs.offline_status,songs.play_count,songs.rating,songs.sort_title,songs.thumbnail,songs.title,songs.track,songs.year,songs.user_rating,songs.is_favorite,songs.source_library,songs.remote_play,songs.resume_point,songs.comment,songs.mb_track_id,songs.bpm,songs.display_album_artist,songs.display_composer,songs.codec,songs.bitrate,songs.sample_rate,songs.bits_per_sample,songs.channel_count,songs.clip_start,songs.clip_end,CASE WHEN songs.thumbnail IS NULL THEN albums.thumbnail ELSE songs.thumbnail END,albums.title FROM songs LEFT JOIN albums ON (songs.album_id=albums._id) WHERE (songs.provider_id=?) AND (songs.file LIKE ?) ('1','spotify:track:0SDh7AAKlUSzzzXfuB1aVw.ogg') [1 in 1430.03ms]

Looks like the index is not used on your phone. Should not happen on Android 13. Do you use the official ROM or a custom one?

Will use a more optimized query when the file are from the provider and not file mode, should mitigate a lot your issue.

I’m using the official ROM. Thanks for the optimization!