Song starts after beginning

Issue description:

I feel like I’m bombarding you with issues, sorry.

Song finishes, but next song doesn’t start from beginning - starts part way through.

Major problem is that Symfonium just “works” (currently 30 songs into playlist) with no issues, then this issue occurs. Same as my previous issue where Symfonium just “stops” when changing tracks.

Logs: (160.2 KB)


None available.

Additional information:

Frustrating for you - is it the hardware (Pixel Pro 7) or application?

Want to ensure Symfonium is the app of choice!

You can start by also finishing the other issue :wink:

And what song started part way?

Please close this Tolriq - this is my problem, not yours. Sorry - this is a networking issue on my end

If you have the option playback cache enabled network issue should not be issues.

If you don’t then you might want to enable it :slight_smile: