Song ratings not being read


New user here - excellent app indeed, thank you!

I only have one issue, the star ratings in my MP3 song tags are not being read so none of the ratings appear. Is there a certain format they need to be saved in to be read by the app? At the moment I’m saving them in ID3v2.3 - is this correct?

There would be a work around for this as I already have all 4 star and 5 star songs saved in playlists, so I could easily edit the data if the app allowed for batch editing via playlists - is this something that is being looked at?

If not, do you have any suggestions on how to solve this? I have over 5000 songs with ratings and I don’t fancy going through and doing them all on an individual basis.


Oh and my files are stored locally on my phone - in case that makes a difference.

It does more than matter since as the doc says Symfonium does not parse tags and rely on the provider for the data.

Android Media Store does not handle ratings so Symfonium does not have the data and currently can’t get it.

For the moment there’s not enough user interest for a custom tag parser and everything that goes with it.
This is a very very big job and the app is not popular enough yet to justify it.

I do not have a workaround for now sorry.

Ok, thanks for the reply!

With that said you can open a feature request here to increase votes and get notified if/when custom parser is implemented.