Song ratings from tags

Would love to see the app being able to read tags from metadata rather than having to manually enter each one. I’ve got over 5000 or so rated songs, likely to take me lifetime to update them all!

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I wrote some janky python code to enter ratings from my tags into my subsonic library directly. Symphonium can then see those ratings, and also uses that interface to update other ratings.

There’s a lot of stuff in that code which is specific to me, and it’s really not in a state to be used by others… but it’s possible. About 26000 tracks, would have taken about an hour maybe, but I had to baby it as there were lots of corner cases.

Anyway, if you know python, you could use mutagen (for the tags) and py-sonic (for subsonic API) and you’d only need to do it once, assuming you’re OK with not using the tags for ratings any more…