Song Mix repeatedly favors some songs rather than digging in the whole library

Issue description:

I use the “Song mix” feature a lot.
It tends to play the same song again and again.
For example, the song mix regularly puts, let’s say “Ice hotel by Stacey Kent” within the first 20 songs, sometimes within the first 10. Mind you, I like the song, but not to that extent !
Is there something I can do to have the Song Mix feature actually dig deeper in my library to more regularly surface old or obscure tracks ?


Symfonium: 5.5.0-1030 Android: 13 - 33 [arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,armeabi]
Device: OPPO - CPH2339 [CPH2339EEA - OP52F3L1] (738 Octets)

Additional information:

My library contains 10800 songs in 750 albums. Server is navidrome.

Thanks for helping !

The logs size looks empty.

Symfonium skips a percent of the last played songs. So it’s not possible a song is repeated like you describe.

(In theory:p)

So I need full log during creation of the mix + a full sync log from Navidrome in case the last played is bugged.

You need 0.49.3 of Navidrome for that BTW.

Do you need debug-level logs of navidrome as well?

(Telling people who took the time to report their issue that their issue is not possible? That’s some nerve. Thank you for taking the time anyway to answer to that non-existent thing.)

It’s clearly written in theory with a smiley …

I explained how it’s supposed to work since you asked what you can do…

It’s also written that 8’m holidays yet answer with all the details …

And no I just need Symfonium logs to see why the songs are not seen as recently played.

i confirm the same behaviour
hazardous songs mix seems to be non hazardous at all, with many songs apearing in each new songmix.

moreover, since last updates, songmix tends to over select songs from favorites at the beginning of the mix.

And I confirm the same need …

I need proper logs with a server sync.

Favorites are priorized this is one of the base of the mixes. But last played media are skipped.

Only logs can show why they are not skipped for you.

so it should probably be a feature to deactivate priority of the favorites because who wants to hazardous listen some music and each time has its same favorites in the list ?

  1. This is not hazardous… This is a personalized mix that take in account your music love and habits…
  2. If you want a shuffle, use the shuffle play button.

But most important again :

The last played songs are (should) be skipped …
So no the mix should never give you the same songs …

So again provide the asked logs to see why the songs are not skipped for your specific setup.

I guess we’ll also never know :wink:

It takes time to gather the required logs, sorry. Will definitely come back here as soon as I got relevant ones.

It’s clearly written in theory with a smiley

Thanks for clarifying. The smiley wasn’t obvious, I missed it.