Song covers in the MIUI player notification - inconsistent resolution

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Hello people,

I have an issue with Symfonium, which was partially solved.

One part of the problem was, that after the first song ended and the next one started, the cover image of the 1st one stayed in the MIUI playback notification. Then on the 3rd song the cover of the 2nd song was shown. After that, the correct image was displayed for the 4th song.
An update seems to have solved this, but I’ll need to do more testing to say for sure.

My only problem is with the cover image resolution in the playback notification. Songs, which I started after the previous will be shown at a low quality. This can be hot-fixed with skipping to the next, waiting for the new cover image to appear then going back to the previous song.


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Media provider:

Subsonic (Server: Navidrome v0.51.1)


Low quality image:

Full quality image:


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Unfortunately apps have no control over how the OS display those and MUI is full of bugs.

Symfonium push the data to the media session and then Android does what it wants, there’s only 1 always the same image pushed, it’s not Symfonium sending different versions of the image.