Some songs seem partially corrupted (sound artifacats, audio skipping)

Issue description:

It’s not the first time I notice some songs play weirdly. I thought issues happened when I transcoded some of my files from .flac to .opus, but it seems to be specific to Symfonium.
See the video: Watch Screen_Recording_20240613_001225 | Streamable
The file, in case you want to check/try it:

In the log I shared, the player was unresponsive was a good amount of time before I started recording the video.


Upload description: log-x1 (I just shared it)

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Media provider:

Local device



The logs are incomplete I do not have the start of the playback.

The file is played from playback cache, so it’s not the same file as you share or use in the other player.
From where did you cache that file? If the files are now local you can just clear the playback cache from advanced settings.

I only play local music. Clearing the cache fixed the issue, thanks. Maybe cache should be rebuilt if the player notices a part of a song is corrupted?

Network issues during downloads are automatically detected, playback error are detected, but server sending wrong data can’t be detected.

And there’s no cache for local playback and it’s disabled by default so I have absolutely no idea how you reached that state.

I just turned it off (to none), that’s how it’s supposed to be?

That’s the default yes, playback cache is used for network cache and never for local playback as there’s nothing to cache the data is already here.