Some queues can't be resumed

Issue description:

Some of my previous queues can’t be played back. Often, the “compact now playing” bar doesn’t show up for the affected queues, or one time I only saw a grey transparent bar:
If it matters, I didn’t press pause but started a song on another music player, which automatically stops Symfonium play back of course.

I hope the log I uploaded a few minutes ago will help.


Upload description: I switched queues with some being able to be resumed, other not. Seems a bit random.

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:



Media provider:

Local device



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For the record the upload description is the description you give in the upload form so I can find the logs :slight_smile:

Anyway found a small race if you start new queues fast enough in some cases the current position is not saved so the restore does not properly restore.

Will be fixed in next release.