Some problems in useing navidrome

Issue description:

1、Transcoding has been set in navidrome, but it will not take effect during playback, resulting in DSF format music cannot be played. Other formats like FLAC play fine but are still not transcoded

2、Transcoding is possible when setting the maximum bitrate in the app, but any format will be transcoded to opus format, even playable formats such as FLAC.

3、When the music is being transcoded and played, the playback progress bar cannot be dragged, only when the music source file is played directly, the progress bar can be dragged

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Additional information:

Yes currently Subsonic API really lacks proper transcoding handling. There’s a work in progress to improve the API with most server authors.

  1. To avoid strange issues and problems Symfonium request the raw format I suppose this override the settings from the GUI @deluan could confirm.

  2. This works the same as the settings from the GUI (except forced opus as the best codec)

  3. This is due to how Subsonic transcode and the lack of the API to support seeking in opus. There’s also a WIP to improve the API.

Until the discussions around the API improvements are done, there’s not much I can offer on the app side unfortunately.

@genesis Just to be sure is there a way in Navidrome to actually only transcode some format?

I don’t know if ffmpeg can transcode for a certain format, but the Substreamer and Ultrasonic can be successfully transcoded under basic transcoding commands, but the interface experience is not as good as Symfonium.

That’s not the question, your 2) points is strange by implying that there’s a way to only transcode dsd and not flac.

How can you configure Navidrome to achieve that?

My music library mainly has two music formats: dsf and flac. After transcoding is configured in Navidrome, neither format can be transcoded. It’s just that flac can be streamed directly so it can be played directly. After the maximum bit rate is limited in the APP settings, both formats will be transcoded to opus.(By the way, I’m sorry that I’m not a native speaker of English, so some expressions are not very clear.)

What I mainly want to express is that the transcoding configuration of navidrome does not take effect, but it is forced to convert to opus. I configured the conversion command (->flac) in navidrome.

For example, in an indoor wifi environment, music can be transmitted at the maximum bit rate to ensure less loss; in a cellular environment, it can be transmitted at a low bit rate to save traffic.

No problem about English skills I’m not native either :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a little loss here since in your screenshot you configure mp4/aac for Symfonium.

What I do not understand is that from my understanding if you set


It will transcode everything including flac to flac of at most 320Kbps.

So that does not match your description saying that flac are not transcoded.

Ping @deluan to know if there’s some magic stuff in Navidrome regarding those settings as I do not use transcoding with it.

My knowledge of ffmpeg is insufficient. By looking up related documents and configurations in navidrome, I concluded that “-b:a” is a parameter to set the bit rate. So I set a fixed value of 1400.
Anyway, I’m glad you can answer my question. I still hope that symfonium can call navidrome’s transcoding and drag the progress bar. :grin: :grin:

another question:Can symfonium display the lyrics of the .lrc file?

Next release will by default now respect server side forced transcoding and allow opt out via settings.

For the external lyrics, this is not support as the Subsonic API does not properly handle that yet.

ok,thank you so much :star_struck: