Some Internet radio stations not showing in Symfonium

Issue description:

I have added to my selfhosted Navidrome the following radio stations:


They show and play well from Navidrome web interface and Dsub app. for Android connected to my Navidrome. However they don’t show at all in Simfonium also connected to my Navidrome.


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Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

Open Symfonium connected to selhosted Navidrome, go to Internet radios. Some radio stations not showing. However they show and play in Navidrome interface and Dsub app. for Android as seen in screenshots.

Media provider:





Press Importar and import them ? :slight_smile:

They do show when I import them from Subsonic, however it drops the following error : 2 stations have been omitted.

I did this previously and they showed up (even with the error message). However a few days later they were gone.

This is not an error if you import all but already have 2 imported then the 2 imported are skipped.

So everything is normal?

They can be gone if you had some filters or remove them, they are local to the app they don’t go by themselves.

Disregard and close. Thanks for looking at this. I think I know what happened, I first added 2 stations and import them. Then added the rest and didn’t import again, I thought Symfonium would fetch them from the server. Thanks again. Very happy with the app. Uninstalling Dsub.