SOLVED: Duplicate Albums Showing

Issue description:

I use Dropbox to store a lot of MP3 files, and I tag them with an Album name of my own making, such as “Car” or “Christmas”. It was all working fine. Recently, possibly due to an upgrade or possibly due to me making some changes to my music library that I don’t remember, I have had duplicates appear. Car and Classics now show up twice, once with a blank black album art and the other with the album art I created.


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Reproduction steps:

See below two albums called Car and two called Classics. I have set these to sync based on Album title.

Media provider:





Check your tags and the album split setting.

IF you change tags, you might need to clear tag cache in the host too.

But in those logs there’s not the result of your screenshot as there’s no albums like the one your show here.

@Tolriq, thanks for this.

I’ve checked my tags several times and see no issue there.

Where is the album split setting? I looked and don’t see it.

How do I clear the tag cache? I see “Clear Image Cache”, “Clear Media Info Cache”, and “Cleanup Internal States”, all of which I have done.

The clear tag cache is in the provider settings as is the album split setting.

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This is solved. Clearing all my caches and so on didn’t do anything, but I just reordered all my tracks (artificially writing a new order number to every file), synced my provider, and the duplicate albums disappeared.

Appreciate your help @Tolriq.